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The history of an Alentejo family, with its ancestors linked to the lands of Alvito (Beja), has its secrets and traditions enclosed in its Coat of arms of Lobo da Silveira, originated in the 1st Baron and Marquês de Alvito in the 18th century. XV, first Baron title awarded in Portugal by D. Afonso V.

Five wolves have this Coat of Arms, and five are curiously today their descendants. Five young cousins who committed to carry the message of their roots to the four corners of the world, today guided by the hands of brothers Filipa and Miguel Lobo da Silveira.
Thus is born a story made of stories, an image made of many moments and scribbles to tell. The image of the wines, in the image of who they are.
Today, they are an even bigger family, where the team is part of this story they write every day. The wisdom and dedication of each one is tasted in every drop of wine.

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