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The Philosophy of this project, has its origin in the brand name itself, "ROLA". The objective of Ana Rola is to create wines "that really have a Origin", born in specific vineyards, with little or no intervention. True and honest Douro wines ... but always with elegance, as a backdrop! Associated with her best friend, Helga Rodrigues, Arquiteta and Duriense, Ana and Helga decided to go in search of unique vineyards to reach the final goal of creating wines with their own personality. Quinta de Remostias, owned by Ana Rola, located in the valley of Remostias, between Régua and Santa Marta de Penaguião, works as the "True Atelier" for its creations. A small and modern wine cellar comes with white grapes and paints from the property, which are joined by others, from selected vineyards in the best areas of the Douro.

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