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Quinta do Quetzal is located in the heart of the Alentejo region on the slopes of Vidigueira. It is in the immediate vicinity of the oldest Roman winery of which there is record in the Iberian Peninsula. The microclimate and the hills create the ideal conditions for a unique terroir.

Here the grapes grow in a soil rich in schist, the stone of the region. Its exceptional quality allows to produce wines in limited quantities, which express the character of the surrounding region. The modern wine cellar preserves the ancient traditions and techniques of Roman and Alentejo wine production. The grapes are introduced into the cellar, by the pure natural action of gravity, and transformed into excellent wines in our cellars. The cellars are located deep beneath the earth in order to create a naturally cool temperature in which grapes can age gradually.
To complete the Quetzal experience, a new building has been created that houses a restaurant, a shop and an art center. The building is partially shale-coated, detaching and integrating simultaneously with fluidity in the surrounding. The surrounding space is designed to incorporate natural native plants in order to maximize the experience of the natural habitat of Alentejo.

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