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Symington Family Estates has amassed a substantial number of prestigious awards over recent decades for its Ports as well as for its Douro DOC wines. Few wine companies anywhere have received such a valuable range of commendations.

‘We are rather a curious blend of nationalities; a mixture of Scottish rationality and hard work, English common sense and Portuguese flair, emotion and romanticism.’

Paul Symington

There is a natural affinity between wine and family. Long-term vision and commitment through many generations are essential for the success of a family wine company. A newly planted vineyard takes time to produce great wines and often requires a lifetime’s work to yield best results.

The Symington family, with Scottish, English and Portuguese ancestry has been present in the Douro for five generations — since 1882 — and through the current generation’s great grandmother, the family’s links to the wines of the Douro span 14 generations, to the mid-17th century and to the very beginnings of the history of Port.

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