Ramos Pinto Vintage 2015 Port Wine
  • Ramos Pinto Vintage 2015 Port Wine

Ramos Pinto Vintage 2015 Port Wine

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The Port Wines of this House are made at the Quinta do Bom Retiro wine-making center. In the case of wines of special categories (LBV and Vintage) the grapes are also trodden in the traditional presses, since this ancestral technique allows to obtain of the fruit a qualitative extraction more efficient and less violent


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Founded by Adriano Ramos Pinto in 1880, Casa Ramos Pinto was quickly noticed by its strategy of innovation and pioneering. Associated with quality bottled wines, it was implanted in the Brazilian market in the early twentieth century and quickly became responsible for half the wine exported to South America, while conquering generations of faithful lovers in Portugal and Europe.

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