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A & D Wines is composed of 2 farms. The House of the Arrabalde and the Farm of the Thorns.

The Arrabalde house has been a family farm for several generations.
The proximity of the Marão Mountains provides a combination of sunny days, fresh breezes and well drained granitic soils, suitable characteristics for fresh climate viticulture.
Composed of several parcels, totaling 5 ha of vineyard with about 20 years. The vineyard consists of vineyards of the reverse, arinto and alvarinho varieties is surrounded by orchards of walnut trees, fruit trees and forest that enrich the biodiversity of the property.
Quinta dos Espinhosos enjoys a unique microclimate. Good solar exposition, hot days and great thermal amplitudes definitely contribute to the character of the wines produced here.
The vineyard is composed of plots with the reverse varieties and chardonnay, organized in narrow terraces that accompany the level contours of the land. The Quinta dos Espinhosos draws an authentic twist on the local landscape. This property covers an area of ​​7 ha of vineyard.

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