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The Herdade do Sobroso, in its 1600 hectares, reconciles the production of wine with the enjoyment of space and nature, using them as a leisure center.

Located in the Alentejano county of Vidigueira, and only 9 km from the Alqueva dam, the Herdade do Sobroso is bordered to the north of the Serra do Meandro, by the Guadiana to the east and to the south by the enormous plain that extends until the sight is lost. It is in this geographical harmony that the richness of their lands rests. In addition to the wine sector, Herdade do Sobroso also specializes in tourism, specifically in rural tourism, hunting and wine tourism. A space that, due to its potential and the aesthetic quality of its architecture, is intended to function as an element of dynamization of the region.

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