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For more than three centuries, the Paço do Conde Estate has been owned by the Castelo Branco family. The origin of one of the oldest agricultural enterprises in the country, founded in 1928 under the name Sociedade Agrícola Paço do Conde, is now managed by the current owners, José António Ferrão Castelo Branco, Luís Miguel Ferrão Castelo Branco and Maria Luísa Castelo Branco Schmidt, grandchildren of the founder.

The mother house was divided giving rise to several companies, of which the owners are partners. The three partners own a set of distinct agricultural societies, which constitute the Paço do Conde Group, and are currently responsible for the exploitation of about 3,000 hectares of agricultural area on the banks of the Guadiana River, Baixo Alentejo, Southern Portugal.
In the 3,000 hectares of the Estate, in addition to the production of wine grapes, diverse crops such as olive groves, wheat, sunflower, corn, poppy, horticultural crops and natural and sown pastures for cattle feed are produced. The continuity of the Agricultural Exploration and the development of the Adega e Lagar are essential components of this project.
This passion for land is shared in every bottle of wine and olive oil produced by Paço do Conde Estate.

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