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Casal de Ventozela inherits the name and authenticity of the historic Quinta Casal de Ventozela, located in Mogege, a small parish in Vila Nova de Famalicão (Braga).

The earliest records date back to 1874, when it was owned by one of the noblest families in the region.
About a century later, in 1978, it was acquired by José Ferreira Cortinhas, the company's current administrator. At that time, still in the aftermath of the Revolution of the 25th of April, it began an intensive process of renewal that lasted until 1989.
The next steps were quick and effective. After the restoration of the vineyards and the construction of the winery, Casal de Ventozela started marketing its wines through the sale of wine in bulk to local storers.
A job that allowed us to consolidate the company and gain experience and know-how for the next.
A few years later, in 2008, the first monovarietal Casal de Ventozela - the Casal de Ventozela Espadeiro 2007 was bottled, beginning an era of unique wines and representative of the enormous potential of the grape varieties of the region.
Currently the company owns 27 hectares of own vineyard where it produces, every year, more than 170 thousand liters.

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