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Headquartered at DOURO in S. João da Pesqueira - the heart of the first demarcated region in the world and a world heritage site by UNESCO - MATEUS & SEQUEIRA VINHOS SA (VSM) emerges as a young and enterprising company with a work- research in the Douro wine region.

QUINTA DO VILARINHO (1995) in São João da Pesqueira, beautiful fifth, where the harmony between olive groves and vineyards is a word of order.
QUALITA DO CASAL DE VARZEAS (2007) specially dedicated to the production of high quality white wines
QUINTA DA LOUSA (2008) located in Nagoselo do Duro, one of the best terroirs for the production of grapes with high concentration, traditionally selected for Port wines of special categories.
QUINTA DA ESPINHOSA (2008) reaffirming the commitment on quality white wines, fresh and fruity, reference in our company.
QUINTA DE SANTA COMBA (2009) beautiful farm located in the village of Santa Marta de Penaguião, with small area of ​​vineyard but with an imposing manor house with traditional winery in wineries and a chapel to match.
TREVOES (2009) located in the village of Trevões to obtain fresh and medium-altitude wines.
QUINTA DA LAPA (2009) in São João da Pesqueira the most famous region of the Douro, the balance by nature in quality wines, with unique aromas and concentration.
QUINTA DA PITARRELA (2010) located in Vilarinho dos Freires, one of the most renowned Quintas in the sub-region of Baixo Corgo, possessing enviable vineyards that allow you to get elegant wines loaded with aromatic freshness.
QUINTA DA VILELA (2010) in Valongo dos Azeites, the harmony between the age of the vineyard and altitude.
QUINTA DA TRANQUEIRA (2012) in Vilarouco, is one of the most emblematic and famous Quintas of the Douro region, with a history-laden past, Quinta Joia, with vineyards and breathtaking gardens linked to an incredibly beautiful house.
So MSV bets from the origin of the grape, with vineyards and farms in different points of the Douro, to guarantee the recognition and quality of the wines harvest after harvest, with great pleasure!
In 2013 they inaugurated another winemaking center in Vila Nova de Foz Coa, Douro - Superior, in order to make grapes even closer to each terroir of origin.

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