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João Póvoa started in the production of branded wines in 1991 with Quinta de Baixo, being the first individual producer of reference of the county of Cantanhede during 15 years.

Since 2005 the company is called Kompassus, and still has a philosophy of wine production based on roots and family traditions. It is dedicated to the production of wines of excellence sustained by organic production methods and sustainable viticulture practices. The company is owned by João Póvoa, an ophthalmologist by profession, but a farmer by passion. The enthusiasm for wine began when he was only 10 years old, and from an early age he realized the potential of Bairrada - the soils, the climate and its grape varieties. The Berry was selected as the basis for all its red and sparkling wines. Much of the grapes are still today from old vines over 70 years old. They are essentially natural wines and small productions, in practice there are 25 years of dedication to the production of wines. His family was one of the first to produce the traditional style of Bairrada wines, often referred to as "Bairrada Clássico", certainly the most exciting wines available to a knowledgeable and experienced winemaker who has the satisfaction and the art of working them . Throughout all these years extraordinary wines have reached the market, today, true relics, wines that exhibit finess, refinement, concentration, depth. Of those who cause true pleasure. And for these attributes, multiple recognitions and important distinctions of merit have been won since 1991.

The design of the Kompassus brand is explained by the practice of installing vineyards in a measure or a planting density tighter between the lines, which is around 6000 ft / ha. This technique results in narrower corridors that are about 1,70m apart. It is an old practice, always used in the vineyards of Kompassus, but currently in the process of extinction.

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