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The Palace of the estate of Muge has a secular history, dating back several years before belonging to the Cadaval family.

It was once inhabited by Queen D. Leonor of Austria (third wife of King Manuel I, sister of Emperor D. Carlos V and mother of Infanta Dona Maria), who lived here until 1530, when he married her to the King of France, Francisco I. Only later, at the beginning of the century. XVII, is that the property, then belonging to the family of the Counts of Odemira, came under the control of Casa Cadaval, when the daughter, Dona Maria de Faro, Countess of Odemira, married D. Nuno Álvares Pereira de Melo, 5th Count of Tentúgal, 4th Marquês de Ferreira and 1st Duke of Cadaval. Casa Cadaval currently has a total property of 5400 hectares and has been run for 5 consecutive generations by women. Today, Teresa Schönborn, Countess of Schönborn and Wiesentheid, is the chairman of the Board of Directors of this House.

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