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The history of Quinta João Clara, located in Alcantarilha, refers back to the 1970s, in the 20th century, when the producer João Maria Alves decided to acquire the property and plant his first vineyard.
João Maria Alves, was always known by all as João Clara and thus, the fifth was baptized in his honor.

João Maria Alves was a producer of wine grapes 30 years ago, which he delivered to the Cooperativa de Lagoa Winery. When old age was noticed he passed the legacy to his only son, Joaquim Alves, who continued to deliver the grapes in the same cellar, however the difficulty of payment by the same, led him to entangle an alternative. This alternative, which went through the production of its own wine. And so, a dream is born, as Fernando Pessoa, a Portuguese poet and writer would say, "God wants, Man dreams and the work is born." Then in 2006, the young and adventurous producer, Joaquim Alves, launched the first wine of this farm. This year, 6 thousand bottles of João Clara Tinto Wine were produced. For this first launch, António Maçanita was chosen as winemaker and Júlio Antão as plastic artist to wear the first bottle, elaborating the brand image João Clara. Later on, the oenological work was shared with Enóloga Cláudia Favinha, however, from 2013, it was handed over to Enologist Joana Maçanita and to the Enologist who started the project until then, António Maçanita.
This first wine was produced with part of the wine production, about 3 hectares, the remaining grape production was, this year, delivered to the Adega Cooperativa de Lagoa, since there was no capacity to use it.
The label elaborated for this first bottle was inspired by the Algarvian chimney that is a symbol of the region, fruit of the influence of five centuries of Arab occupation. At the top of the label there is a deformation, which corresponds to the beak of the eagle, which symbolizes the family's taste for the football club Sport Lisboa e Benfica.
It was in 2007 that the first rosé wine of Quinta João Clara appeared, followed by the year 2008 in which the first white wine of this farm was launched, which was a tribute to Joaquim Alves.
The Quinta João Clara has the size of 26 hectares, where several cultivation activities are developed, although the most evident is the vineyard that now has 8.5 hectares.

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