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Quinta de Amares, with an extension of approximately 50 hectares, is located in the municipality of Amares, heart of the Demarcated Region of Vinhos Verdes, in the small village of Sto. André de  Rendufe, land of deep and historical religious traditions. Contiguous to the Monastery of Rendufe, the Quinta is exposed to the south, sunny and subject to unique climatic conditions.
The conjugation, in this property, of the trinomial soil - climate - caste, allows the production of a Winene of exceptional quality.
QUINTA D'AMARES wines, designed and produced according to the highest standards of excellence and modernity, carry a legacy of history in its cradle, represented by the Monastery of Rendufe (11th century) and the Aqueduct (17th century), a remarkable heritage Of Quinta de Amares and inseparable from the image of the wines.
These young white wines, already numerous times awarded, produced in four varieties from grapes selected from the Grape varieties Loureiro, Alvarinho, Arinto and Trajadura, will undoubtedly surprise him and conquer him by his very own traits - light lemon color, appearance Clear and bright, fruity and harmonious aroma, soft and slightly dry taste.

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