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Caves do Monte is a company dedicated to the production, bottling and marketing of wines.

Founded in 1992, in Sousela, county of Lousada, its main objectives were to make known the green wines of the region where it was created, to value its quality and to promote in a more elaborate way, all the potentiality of a subregion producing wines Greens of great quality.
Covering the entire national market and continuing to maintain above average quality in all the wines it produces, bottles and markets. It has also been introducing its wines in foreign markets, through a commercial policy of expansion.
Due to the demands of its customers and the market, it felt the need to increase its portfolio with the introduction of Mesa wines, so it will bet on new brands with high quality wines. So diversifying their offer, whether in wines from other regions of the country, that me sparkling green wines.
It is a young company with objectives, well defined that believes in the real quality of Portuguese wines.

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