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Vieira de sousa - vines and wines lda. is a family business with a secular tradition in the production of port wines.

The farms are situated along the Douro and Pinhão rivers with different altitudes and different solar expositions, which allows to produce balanced wines of great quality every year.
The fifth of the high water is situated on the right bank of the river douro, between the ruler and the pinhão, next to the sting train station. It has a mostly southern exposure, having an altitude ranging from 124 m to 370 m. The modernization of the vineyards, mechanization and adaptation of the grape variety to the place is one of the guarantees for the production of grapes and of reference wines.
The fifth of the good day is the vineyard that is at the highest altitude and where you can find a house - dated 1640 - with slates in shale. It is a point where one can glimpse a fantastic view over the valley of the quinta of the high water and good day until the river douro.
The fifth of the spinal is the one that is located in a lower point and that has solar exposure mainly to the south. It is the place of the traditional granite wineries and the aging warehouses of some of the port wines.
The small snore farm is situated along the river douro, at the bottom of the roncão valley, arranged along modern levels and the traditional secular walls of schist stone maintained by the family for three generations. The area of ​​the roncão is a privileged place, being nicknamed by miguel torga as the "samo of all samos", place for the production of high quality wines as evidenced by our vintage 2009.
The farm of the old fojo has been in the family for more than four generations. It was José Silvério Vieira de Sousa who started the family to sell port wine in the 19th century, even before the plague of phylloxera that decimated the vineyards of the region. It was his son, José Ermelindo Vieira de Sousa, the engineer responsible for building the magnificent shale walls of this farm, and it was his grandson, António Eduardo Vieira de Sousa Borges, who proceeded to increase the area of ​​vines to continue the production of wine port.
Finally, the fifth of the fountain, located in the village of celeiros, is a small plot with a 17th century manor house and the central point of Vieira de Sousa. It is in this parcel located at an altitude of 300m that have white grapes that go into the production of port wine and white wine. Due to its altitude and flatness allows the production of magnificent wines recognized for their structure and freshness.

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