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Mont'Alegre is a young project that intends to create a new panorama in the wine sector, raising the recognition of the region.

Produced at altitudes above 650 meters and aged in the village of Montalegre, this wine proposes a new approach to the harvests of the Trás-os-Montes region. All Mont'Alegre wines are produced from native varieties of the region of Trás-os-Montes, originating from vineyards planted in soils of predominant granite and with altitudes above 650 meters.
So far the grapes used to produce the wines are selected and purchased from producers in the region and the stage is made in Montalegre, an area that combines unique conditions such as lower atmospheric pressure and lower oxygen concentrations, along with a mild climate and with lower peaks of temperature, which favor the controlled evolution of the aromatic and gustatory characteristics, giving the wines freshness, balance and elegance. At the moment, Francisco Gonçalves has already acquired land and is preparing to plant his first vineyard, which will be the highest in Portugal (1025 meters). With two hectares, this will be the first ever vineyard of Montalegre.

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