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The Magnum Vinhos was born fed by a Ribeiro, Santo by the way, because it never would have dried or because the devotion thus credited it. Located in Oliveira do Conde, in the heart of the vineyard of Lusitânia, between the Mondego and Dão rivers, it is here that the most adventurous vineyards the country knows, and it was here that Carlos Rodrigues and Carlos Lucas began the extraordinary adventure of a life dedicated to the vineyards.

First in the great project that woke up the aging of Dão, harvesting, vinificando, guardando and rushing. Writing stories of wine, toiling among strains, creating and improving this trio dared to produce the most extraordinary wines, concentrating aromas and lives between bottles, growing and learning every harvest.
In two decades, between Portugal and Brazil, these oenologists knew how to innovate, create and conquer. The story does not go away and the memory is preserved. It was these wishes that came together in 2011, when Magnum Carlos Lucas Wines was created with roots in Ribeiro Santo, an old property that he kept from the oldest vineyards of Dão. Protected by the summit of the Serra da Estrela, a fantastical imaginary that the geography has traced and which added, at another end of this huge valley, the Caramulo. It is these summits that inspire us and today the Ribeiro Santo is an immense aduela that preserves the finest secrets that wine can count on.
But the company knew how to discover geography, expand curiosity and create other wines. Going up to the Douro they widened the portfolio with the Baton, descending to the Alentejo plain catrapiscaram to Maria Mora.
Thirty hectares in Dão, 60 in the Alentejo and 10 in the Douro. In the Dão region we have Quinta do Ribeiro Santo, in Carregal do Sal. Further north, in the Douro region, the Casal de Loivos, where the Lipstick and Tom Lipstick wines are made. In Alentejo, in Talhas, in the municipality of Mora, we produce the wines Maria Mora and Flor de Maio. Irreverent yes, but with deep roots in an agriculture that respects the terroir and the Portuguese castes. Many stories and many bottles because we have passion for what we do and for who we do. At Magnum we put together "Wine & People".

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