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Clear words, of proximity between father and daughter, who was given precisely the name of one of the most characteristic castes of the Douro.

António Augusto Ferreira, producer of Dona Francisca, has developed this Vinhas Velhas with the French winemaker Jean-Hugues Gros, and the result is a unique wine. An ancient passion for land, the Douro and wine led him to leave the previous life, made around the beers, at Unicer, and to settle in Folgosa, on the south bank of the river Douro. In the small farm where the traditional Douro vineyards grew, with a fantastic location on the river and the valley, he decided to listen to his friends and dedicate himself, body and soul, to his wine. With the support of the woman, Joana Queiroz Ribeiro, António is taking the first steps in creating a brand that will make her talk, and that both promise limited production, strong identity and lots of inspiration.

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