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In 1994, the Meireles’ family sons, decided to turn the small family vineyards located in Douro (Beira Grande - Carrazeda de Ansiães - Portugal) into a dynamic business. They belived that they could make the most of these family fields by starting a motivational project in the winegrowing area. And that’s what happened.

Investments started in the restructuring of a small family winery, equipping it with state of the art technolyhey got 1st place with Grambeira White, and 2nd place with Grambeira Red in Douro’s first contest “The best Wine in Production”. Since then, their wines gained a reference place in DOURO Region.
In 1996 the vineyards project began. They started with a restructuring, replanting and enlarging effort, which has been carried on annually. The construction of a new plant for bottling, quality control and administrative services was the last major project of the late twentieth century (1998). In the year 2004, with a significant investment, a new winery was opened. This investment enabled the company to enhance grape quality control, and it also allowed an increase in production capacity, and above all provided the company with modern vinification technologies for reds.

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