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The history of the family Vasques de Carvalho has roots as strong as a vine and is confused with the history of the Douro.

Its origins date back to the mid-nineteenth century and the family wine company, which has always transformed its production into generous wine, selling part to the exporting houses and aging another part, adding value.
In 1880, by decision of José Vasques de Carvalho, great-grandfather of the current managing partner - António Fernando Lopes Vasques de Carvalho - and given the exceptional quality of this harvest, it was not sold for almost all of the production this year. This wine has been aged and carefully stored in family warehouses up to the present day.
In the middle of the XX century, the family began the activity of merchant of generous wine, acquiring grapes to third parties, that vinified and later sold to the export trade. This strategic change, taken by Maria Amélia Pereira Lopes, allowed to increase the stock of Generous Wine. Already in the 70's, Maria Amélia acquired the status of Port Wine Bottling Producer.
In 2000, its heirs formed the company Vasques de Carvalho, Sociedade Agrícola e Comercial Lda., Diversifying the product sold through the vinification and bottling of DOC Douro wines.
In 2012, Maria Amélia's heirs share the inherited assets of her mother, with the current managing partner staying with the company Vasques de Carvalho, as well as all the stocks of wines. In order to acquire a dimension and add value to the old generous wines it holds, in demanding and sophisticated markets, Vasques de Carvalho joined Kurtpace SA, allowing the acquisition of high quality grapes and wines for the production of Port wines of special categories and top of the range DOC Douro and innovation with the production of the first Vínica Velha DOC Douro.

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