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The winery was created in 1997, when Dorina Lindemann, daughter of Jorge Böhm, an oenologist licensed by the University of Geisenheim (Hessen), came from Germany to Portugal with her husband and, taking advantage of existing vineyards linked to her father's technical breeding program , dedicated to the production of wine.

Consequently, the expansion of the cellar was given according to the growth of the father's nurseries. Nowadays, Dorina and her two daughters, Luísa and Julia Lindemann, are passionate about the wine of the Portuguese native castes and the Alentejo.
The combination of oenological knowledge on grape varieties and the existence of adequate biodiversity is fundamental to achieving our strategic objective. The direct relationship between wine and the environment of Quinta da Plansel's Terroir towards a precision viticulture is the secret of the success of Dorina Lindemann's wines.
Today, the daughters follow the same course of the grandfather and the mother, preparing itself at the moment university level to face the challenges that are approaching.
After her husband's death, Dorina sought a business partnership with someone of enormous competence and confidence. A partnership was born with Karl Heinz Stock, a prestigious businessman of his countryman. In her daily professional activity, Dorina Lindemann counts on the wine cellar with Eng. Carlos Ramos, responsible for its technical and oenological operation, and on the vineyard with Eng. José Manuel Valadas.

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