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Quinta dos Castelares is located in Freixo de Espada à Cinta, in the Upper Douro, framed by the Natural Park.

In the various vineyards that make up the Quinta, they seek to take advantage of the specific features of each location. In the Vineyard of the Admiral they have the old vines over 40 years old, which had been planted under the guidance of Eng. Gastão Taborda, with the main red varieties of the Douro, with special emphasis on the Touriga Nacional, which highlights the quality of Fifth. In the vineyard of the Congida, on the Douro, where the grapes reach greater maturation, they have planted only castes, giving body and structure. In Castelares they take advantage of the greater differential of altitudes and solar expositions. Here they have white varieties planted in the highest and freshest parts, with a North Northeast exposure.

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