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"Our grandfather Martinho, a farmer from Mogofores, produced red wine and, being one of the rare vinifiers that separated the white grapes from the paints, made a beautiful and famous white wine, both of which were sold in bulk to business houses in the region that bottled him .

Having passed away in the late sixties of the last century, our father, Manuel, took charge of the entire farm whose vineyards modernized and enlarged, nevertheless producing wine for the market.
In the mid-1990s we began wine-making trials with the various castes we have planted (many of which were for the first time in the region). The decision was then taken to start winemaking and build a new wine cellar. The first wines of the Campolargo brand were those of the 2000 harvest, and the new winery was only built in 2004.
Currently, the third generation is responsible for the vineyard, Jorge Campolargo and for the winery and sales, Carlos Campolargo. But there is already the collaboration of the fourth generation, Joana Campolargo, who assures administrative support and external relations.
We therefore wish to maintain and pursue the exclusively family-oriented character of our winemaking. "

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