List of products by brand Casa Agrícola Quinta do Falcão

The company Casa Agrícola da Quinta do falcão owns two farms:

- Quinta do Falcão, in Vila Chã de Ourique (where the offices, the Stables, Rooms of Evidence and Spaces for specific events are located);
- Quinta da Fonte Bela, near the Tagus / Valada, where the winery is located.

The foundation, in Cartaxo, of an agro-industrial and tourist company, from an exiguous structure with a lot of ruins, in the once famous Quinta do Falcão and Quinta da Fonte Bela, was in 1988 a daring business.
Even though it is a grandiose space and situated in the historic Vila Chã de Ourique, pillar of nationality, where in 1139 D. Afonso Henriques obtained his first great victory in the conquest of Portugal to the Moors.
1988 was thus the start of a new project for Inês Madeira Rodrigues Monteiro (whose Quinta do Falcão and Quinta da Fonte Bela properties had long belonged to her family) and her husband, Joaquim Pedro Monteiro, a person of great experience business and with great capacity and experience in the area of ​​Band and Distribution. The Farm House of Quinta do Falcão is born.
Quinta do Falcão and Quinta da Fonte Bela, the two "Chateaux", of the House, contribute 35 ha of Vineyards exemplarily installed since 25 years together with a portion of surviving Vineyard, almost centennial.

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