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Since 2004, Tiago Cabaço Wines is born by the hand of the young man who gives his name to the brand, Tiago Cabaço affirms himself as one of the most solid and striking names of the new generation of Alentejo producers, according to critics of the sector.

Born and raised in Estremoz, in the heart of the Alentejo vineyard, Tiago Cabaço got used very early to share the countryside and to work in the vineyards and in the wine cellar with his parents. It was through this journey that, as a child, he learned secrets from the vineyard, the soil, the grape varieties and all the universe associated with him, which he still applies in his day-to-day life.
In 2004 he created the brand Tiago Cabaço Wines, the project in his own name. Since then it has put on the market wines of its own, through which it started to affirm its personality and vision regarding wines and the Alentejo.
Tiago Cabaço has obtained respect and attention from the sector, adding many national and international awards and distinctions. The family of wines, seductive and serious, modern in style and form but deeply Alentejo in character, is divided between the ".com" with energetic and jovial profile, the serious and powerful monovarietals, "Vinhas Velhas" that combine the excellence of the terroir and the vineyards with more than 30 years, the sparkling, thought for special moments, and the simultaneously vigorous, subtle and fresh "blogs" that are claimed as the top wines of Tiago Cabaço.

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