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Herdade dos Grous has 700 hectares, 73 of which are devoted to wine production.

The remaining area is divided by cattle, olive, horticultural and horse breeding. In the heart of this farm, is the dam of the Herdade dos Grous, with a size of 98 hectares.
Herdade dos Grous intends to provide high quality products and services preserving the regional characteristics combining traditional methods with the new technologies.
It is located in the Lower Alentejo in Albernôa, in the county of Beja receives annually tourists from all over the world who travel here to enjoy the magnitude, tranquility and rare beauty of this farm where to its landscape adds a dam of 98 hectares.
Herdade dos Grous took on the mission of producing great wines that result from the most modern viticulture and oenology, enriching the remarkable Alentejo wine heritage.
Cultural interventions carefully adapted to each breed and plot for the production of excellent quality.

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