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Hereditas, Lda. is a family business founded in the year 2000, which focuses exclusively on the production and bottling of high quality wines, at Quinta dos Cardeais, 10km north of Estremoz (Alentejo).

The vineyards, in an area of 14ha, lie on the clay soils of the Serra de Sousel, where regional grape varieties coexist with some French grape varieties.
An average of 60,000 bottles of red wine and 15,000 bottles of white wine are produced every year, marketed under a single brand: Hereditas.
Hereditas, Latin term meaning inheritance, comes as a form of thanks to a relative, Uncle Dionysus.
Today and in the future, the company's objective is to produce exceptional wines that reach all continents, in order to honor and dignify the heritage that was in its genesis.

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