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The greatness of the Alentejo inspired this particular bet by Sogrape in Herdade do Peso, in the county of Vidigueira, in an exclusive area where the various microclimates and atypical reliefs create a rich and impressive variety of terroirs.

The essence of this deeper Alentejo is revealed in the wines, extracted with passion by those who work every inch of this earth.
After the work of the natural elements of this deeper Alentejo, Man assumes his role of turning them into wine in the wine cellar of the Herdade do Peso. Built from scratch in 1998, it has a capacity for working about 1,250,000 kilos of grapes and includes areas for reception, fermentation and storage. This is where the winemaker Luís Cabral de Almeida continues our goal of establishing new levels for Alentejo wines.
Beyond the plains of the conversations at dusk, there is a deeper and less obvious Alentejo. Starting with the 12 types of soil that we have already identified in the Herdade do Peso. Each of them, worked to the smallest detail and maximum passion, in order to reveal the best of each breed in each bottle of wine.

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