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Quinta do Pégo is located in the Douro demarcated region, more precisely in the Cima Corgo sub-region, next to the Foz do Távora River (approximately 3 km from Pinhão), on the left bank of the Douro.

Quinta do Pégo has a privileged location on the Douro River, making it one of the best located farms in the Region.
According to several historical documents, Quinta do Pégo produces wines since before 1548. Thus, it is very probable that the viticultural activity already exists since the Roman occupation. In January 2000, AMKA acquired 50% of the Company that owns Quinta do Pégo and in September 2003 acquired the remaining capital, thus becoming fully responsible for the entire project. Quinta do Pégo produces some of the best Douro and Port wines, but the project also included the renovation and complete conversion of the old buildings, turning them into a Rural Hotel of recognized merit and excellence that opened its doors in the spring
Quinta do Pégo is one of the most beautiful Douro Vinhateiro farmhouses - and the Quinta do Pégo Rural Hotel lives up to the excellence of the wines produced on the Quinta.
In 2002 the plantation and renovation of the vineyard area was completed, currently occupying about 30 hectares fully classified with the letter A, in a total area of ​​about 33 hectares.
The objective in Quinta do Pégo is the production of wines of the Premium categories, presenting for the Denomination of Origin Douro only Reserves or Large Reserves, and for the Denomination of Origin Port only Vintages and LGWs, although in years of exceptional quality Tawnies Crops.

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