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IDEALDRINKS produces top quality wines, spirits and olive oil, all made in Portugal and distributed around the world. We aspire for our products to be ambassadors of what Portugal does best

IDEALDRINKS, a subsidiary company of IDEALTOWER Group, was established in 2010 by Carlos Dias, a respected Portuguese businessman of international standing. Passionate about wines and a great epicurean, he decided to invest in Portugal and embrace the challenge of producing wines, spirits and olive oils of excellent quality. These products are intended to be ambassadors for what is best in our country.

Initially, the focus of IDEALDRINKS was on production, but its strong international character prompted a natural progression into distribution as well. A committed and determined globalisation strategy has resulted in the company’s rapid expansion ‒ it is now present in some of the main emerging markets, with branch offices in Angola, Brazil and Asia.

In Portugal, IDEALDRINKS has a wide range of properties spread over several wine-producing regions, namely Bairrada, Dão and Vinho Verde. These include some unique and charismatic properties, testimony to Portuguese history, culture and tradition, that have now been restored, improved and revitalized.

Wines, spirits and olive oils of great quality are produced from the best fruits on these properties, using the latest technology and with the invaluable collaboration of a team that brings together some of the most prestigious global experts in oenology, distillation and olive growing.

We want to bring to the world Portugal’s distinctive but competitive high-quality products that express the best features of our country’s different terroirs, in a harmonious combination of natural resources and human know-how ‒ outstanding products, that reflect the soul and culture of Portugal.

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