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Real Companhia Velha is the oldest and most emblematic wine company in Portugal, having celebrated 260 years of existence and interrupted activity in the service of Port Wine.

Behind it is the record of a fabulous story and a glorious past. For the future, there remains the desire to maintain a high standard of quality of its wines and trust in a Company where the rigor and vision to make even more history are a constant concern.
From its Institution by Alvaro Regio de El-Rei D. José I, on September 10, 1756, the importance of this Ex-Majestática Company was well evident through the valuable services provided to the community.
Owned by some of the best Douro estates, Real Companhia Velha has been able to preserve and honor its tradition, betting on the future through a constant process of modernization and experimentation in the Douro Demarcated Region.

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