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At the head of a group that became, after 50 years, the leader of children's fashion, Roger Zannier is today also present in several wine-growing regions of the world, such as the Douro region of Portugal and Provence.

In his frequent visits to Portugal as part of his textile activities, Roger Zannier discovers the Quinta do Pessegueiro, being literally seduced by the property and region of the Douro. In 1991, it acquires the land, immediately beginning to plant vineyards. This gave rise to its first and one of its most important investments in the wine sector.
The property has expanded over the years and is currently made up of three plots, all located in the Douro region.
This region being one of the most unlikely places where man ever tried to plant vineyards, it took the foresight and modesty of an earthly captain, such as João Nicolau de Almeida, to associate ancestral techniques with the most modern methods of oenology and viticulture.
The family is one of the most valued values ​​by Roger Zannier. It was in this spirit that he handed over to his son-in-law, Marc Monrose, the direction of the estate.
This Burgundian of origin, sensitive to the land, attached to cultures and values, to the love of life and wine, is undoubtedly the man indicated to carry out this mission and to lead the commercial enterprise towards success.

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