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Terras de Alter, Companhia de Vinhos, Lda., Is made up of the Sociedade Agrícola das Antas, Sociedade Agrícola do Monte Barrão (companies with a huge agricultural tradition in the Alto Alentejo district of Portalegre) and the company Pink Living, owned by winemaker Peter Bright.

These two companies have decided to join forces and, in order to complement their project, have created a strong connection to Peter Bright, who has a vast curriculum in the world of international wine production and marketing.
Terras de Alter, Companhia de Vinhos, Lda., Uses the grapes produced by its partners in the Alter do Chão and Fronteira region, although it also supplies the Alto Alentejo production, according to its specific needs.
With the ambition to make Portuguese wines known to the world, Terras de Alter aims to launch an excellent Alentejo wine on the international market. Target markets are essentially Europe and the United States.
Its mission is to be a family-owned company with quality wines and international presence, renowned for its excellence and focused on the development of premium Portuguese brands. With a unique position for the wine market and a long-term vision, based on the quality and presentation of its wines and the importance of the brand new wines to be marketed.

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