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The Pato family produces wine at Quinta do Ribeirinho since at least the 19th century. XVIII.

João Pato began to bottle wine from his vineyards in 1970, becoming the first producer / bottler in the region of Bairrada after its demarcation.
His son Luis Pato inherited his nonconformist spirit and pioneer, and in 1980 produces his first wine, a monovarietal of Baga of an exceptional quality and absolute rarity, which today is sought by lovers as a treasure.
In 1985 he started two revolutions in Bairrada: he makes red wine from stalked grapes and stages wine in new French oak barrels. In 1988 Baga plant in "free standing" (ungrafted vines) to understand the pre-phylloxera wines and produces the first Old Vineyards of the country.
In 1990 he participated for the first time as jury in the International Wine Challenge, a competition that assumes as a school of wine tasting and a guide in the way of looking and knowing wines and the volatility of tastes all over the world.
In 1995 it launches wines of single vineyard: Pan Vine, Barrosa Vineyard and Quinta do Ribeirinho Pé Franco. In 1998 he bought the Formal Vineyard to produce his top-of-the-range white wine from a single vineyard.
In 1999, by personal choice, it leaves the Denomination of Controlled Origin, and its wines are labeled Regional Beiras. In 2001, it makes its first "precision harvest", harvesting in the same vineyard at the end of August for the production of Sparkling wine, and at the end of September for the production of a more concentrated red wine. In 2005, she made the first wine with her daughter Filipa, the FLP, using the cryo-extraction method.
In 2008 it presents its first sparkling wine of single vineyard, produced from the Bical and Touriga Nacional grape varieties of the Formal Vineyard. In 2009 he made his first natural sweet wines (White, Rosé and Red), which he designates as Mock Abafado.
In 2010 he created the Informal and the Quinta do Moinho, sparkling whites of Baga harvested in the first harvest of a single vineyard: Informal is from Panasqueira Vineyard and Quinta do Moinho is from the same vineyard.
In 2011 comes Fernão Pires, the first red grape white, with 94% of Maria Gomes (Fernão Pires) and 6% of Baga film.

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