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The Barão de Vilar - Vinhos, S.A. is the most recent company of Port Wine, having been constituted, in January of 1996, from a stock of wines acquired by Fernando Luiz van Zeller, ceded to his two sons Fernando and Álvaro.

Its social denomination recovers a nobiliárquico title granted by D. Maria II of Portugal to Cristiano Nicolau Kopke, the 1st Baron of Vilar, in 1836, that, by descent, is in direct possession of the family. Before the Barão de Vilar was established, the van Zeller family owned Quinta do Noval, one of the most emblematic and reputed farms in the Port wine sector, from which the mythical "Vintage 1931 Nacional" came from, considered one of the two best world wines of the twentieth century by the Wine Spectator.
It was also in Quinta do Noval that the current winemaker of Barão de Vilar, Álvaro van Zeller, began his professional career.

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