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Daughter of a Swiss Navy and Mother Officer, Sandra was born in the Azores and grew up in the Lisbon region. He brought with him the memories of the times when he was grappling the grapes in his grandfather's wine cellars in Alcochete, a past that explains his connection to this area.
He chose to study Agronomy in Lisbon. He later took his Masters degree in Italy, where he furthered his studies in oenology and developed an extensive knowledge of quality international wines.

In 1999...
He arrived in Douro and started working with Cristiano van Zeller in Quinta Vale D. Maria
He took over the family wines project at Quinta de Chocapalha, in the Lisbon region.

In 2001...
Home with Jorge Serôdio Borges and together they embark on their own wine adventure, creating a new company - Wine & Soul - and launching the first Pintas.

Today Wine & Soul wines are fruit of the dedicated work and passion that this emblematic double has for the Douro region.

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