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Born in France, from an Italian Piedmont family with a wine-making tradition, Patrick Agostini became a Pathologist.

At age 33, with his wife of Portuguese origin, Fatima, they decided to leave France to come and live in Portugal. There he found the property that allowed him to follow his passion to produce great wines.

The land that he chose, in the Odelouca river valley, in the Algarve, with slopes facing south, with a schist soil and planted grape varieties, Trincadeira (Tinta Amarela), Aragonês (Tinta Roriz), Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, make this vineyard an ideal "terroir" with perfect conditions to produce great wines.

In 2002, the vineyards were planted with an irrigation system. In 2008 the wine cellar was finally ready to produce wine. Patrick was now ready to face the challenge of getting the Algarve recognized as a wine producing region.

Patrick produces a top-of-the-line "Quinta do Francês" wine, and the second wine, Odelouca. "Both wines were well accepted, winning medals in famous international competitions such as Brussels and London and attracting very favorable reviews in the national and International.

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