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Bernardo Cabral is natural of Mozambique, and at the age of 12 he decided to become an oenologist. From a very young age he realized that something special had to have the wine to give pleasure to those who drank it, and especially to those who drank it. He was fascinated with his winemaking uncles and everything that mystical world in his eyes represented. No doubt he wanted to be a part of it.
He also started in college through his final course work. A very interesting study that allowed him to contact recognized professionals of the sector and that ended up opening some doors to him. He was challenged by José Gaspar to be part of his young team at the then renewed company Caves Dom Teodósio. He learned a lot during the short time he was there. Then by the hand of Nuno Cancela d'Abreu went to Companhia das Quintas, at the time to take its first steps. It's been 4 years you've worked in this house. In 2004 he went to Casa Santa Vitória to put the "first stones" with Nuno Cancela d'Abreu as a consultant. He was chief oenologist and director of the company for 8 years and continues today as a consultant.
In 2012 he had the challenge of the Companhia das Lezírias that made him change his "mother's house" and to this day he remains an oenologist. At the same time, they consult with the Guadiana (Mértola), Pegos Claros (Palmela) and Vicentino (Zambujeira-do-mar) Firefighters.

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