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The Pato family produces wine at Quinta do Ribeirinho since at least the 19th century. XVIII.

João Pato began to bottle wine from his vineyards in 1970, becoming the first bottling producer in the region of Bairrada, after its demarcation.

His son Luís Pato inherited his nonconformist spirit and pioneer, and since the harvest of 1980 that took care of the Quinta. The wine from this first vintage is of exceptional quality and absolute rarity and is sought after by connoisseurs as a treasure. Luis Pato practically carried out a revolution in the Cellar, equipping it in such a way as to allow the creation of wines with a modern style, without neglecting the character of the traditional castes. Replaced the old brown vats with stainless steel vats and barrels of Portuguese brown and French oak. It also introduced temperature control of fermentations, as well as the destemming of red grapes, a technique not very common at the time.
But Luis Pato was not only an innovator in this conversion. It has adopted a professional attitude as a producer, developing a courageous and dynamic marketing strategy, capturing the attention of the international markets for the wine that produces, well known in the European, American and Asian markets, and always recognized as a symbol of Portuguese Quinta great quality.

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