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In 1995, Jorge graduated in Enology from the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (end-of-course training in Italy). He began working at Real Companhia Velha where he remained for seven years and was involved in the creation of the Fine Wine Division. In this project, the main objective was to study the different varieties and their adaptation to different cultural practices, soils, expositions and oenological techniques, in the creation of international quality wines. He traveled through various wine regions in Portugal and abroad, participated in wine fairs all over the world and took every opportunity to taste and know as many wines as possible. All this contact was fundamental to define well your taste and also the style of wine you want to make.
Much of his work was done in Vila Nova de Gaia and he wanted to be closer to the Douro and the vineyards. Feeling also tempted to make their own wine.
To this end, in 2001, he bought a small vineyard in the Douro to start making his own wine (Poeira) and in 2002 he started his work at Quinta de La Rosa. In 2005, with its help, Quinta das Bandeiras in the Upper Douro was bought and began to produce the wines Passagem.

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