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Nuno Cancela de Abreu is one of the most competent Portuguese winemakers. Graduated from the Higher Institute of Agronomy of Lisbon, he studied viticulture in Anadia and Zurich, Switzerland. He then obtained a diploma of in-depth studies in viticulture and enology from the Higher School of Agronomy of Montpellier, one of the French university centers of excellence.

In her professional curriculum she inscribed for her own merit the resurrection of the region of Bucelas, which was condemned to a museum, just as it came to succeed the wine-producing regions of Carcavelos and Colares as a result of the urban expansion around Lisbon. Had it not been for his professional action ahead of Quinta da Romeira (1989-2001) and Bucelas, as a sacred territory of the Arinto caste, it would have disappeared from the Portuguese wine map.

Nuno Cancela de Abreu took up again the wine and wine destinies of a personal project in Dão, consubstantiated in two farms, that of the Fonte do Ouro and the Giesta.

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