Liste des produits de la marque Quinta do Pinto, Sociedade Comercial e Agrícola, S.A.

The Alenquer area has been well known in the Portuguese and European courts for its great wines, having reached its peak during the London Exhibition of 1890. Today it is returning to the top of the international scene thanks to the commitment of the current producers - The famous 'Quintas de Alenquer', which includes our Quinta do Pinto - which have played an important role in the valorization and dignification of the region's wines.
Between the slopes of Montejunto, facing south and west, and the banks of the River Tagus, the vineyards of the Alenquer area - in the heart of Lisbon Wine Region - form large continuous spots, protected by the natural barriers of the humid and cold winds Of Atlantic origin. The heavily forested lands favor the maturation of grapes and the production of more concentrated wines.
In the zone of Alenquer - 'village-manger' -, the most chaste rural villages of the West, with their mills and white houses, interspersed by imposing sunny houses and by a monumental set of Churches and Convents of high historical value.

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