Elenco dei prodotti per la marca Quinta de Curvos

Occupying an extensive area of ​​approximately 16 hectares, all walled in on itself, Quinta de Curvos is located at Cerqueiral, Forjães, Esposende, in the vicinity of the well-known Souto de S. Roque, where, coincidentally, by Around 1600, a chapel was erected with the invocation of S. Roque, patron and defender of plagues and famines.

The production of green wine is the main activity of Quinta de Curvos, and investments have been made over time to take advantage of the full potential of the various grape varieties produced to ensure the quality of its wines.
The farm has gained a new soul, and is still a 100% family-owned company that already has the dedication of the second generation to continue the project.
Given the competitive environment in the wine market, Quinta de Curvos, as a family business, bets on a code of values ​​of excellence, tradition and innovation, never forgetting respect for the environment and genuine passion for wine.