Cockburn's Fine Tawny Port Wine
  • Cockburn's Fine Tawny Port Wine

Cockburn's Fine Tawny

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Cockburn's Fine Tawny is made from a blend of young wines from various harvests that are kept for an average of two to three years in barrels

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The latest addition to the Cockburn’s & Co family is the Symington Family. When the family acquired Cockburn’s the natural thing to do was hold a celebration. So they arranged a vertical tasting of all Cockburn’s Vintage Ports dating back to the late 19th century at the Factory House in Porto.


Scheda tecnica

Very good match with rich, creamy desserts, or dried fruits
Total Acidity
4 g/l
Tasting Notes
Dried fruits, caramel, nuts, berries and a hint of barrel ageing, all at the same time
Bottle Size
750 ml

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