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In the family since the twelfth century, the House of Vila Nova extended and grew until the twentieth century from its legendary Tower, in blocks, successively built and recovered.

In the 70's and 80's, Luis Lencastre started as a producer of vinho verde. In 1986, the total conversion of the vineyards began, equipment was acquired and agri-livestock resources were developed.
The House of Vila Nova - fifth and company - remain in the family until today, being the current partners brothers Bernardo, Luísa, Sofia and Filipe.
The Vila Nova House is located in the sub-region of Sousa, Demarcated Region of Vinhos Verdes. Known for the region of Entre-Douro-e-Minho, it is influenced by its exposure to the sea winds coming from the Atlantic. Soils, microclimate, characteristic grape varieties and a unique wine culture distinguish it from all other regions of the world. The House of Vila Nova shares these characteristics with the demarcated region, guaranteeing a production of green wine of origin and quality. For this, it relies on the production of its vineyards and grapes from other producers in the region, subject to careful selection and high quality control.

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