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Monte da Capela is located in the Alentejo wine region. Located in the sub-region of Moura, concretely in Pias, municipality of Serpa.

Moura has characteristics of marked continentality. The climate is characterized by high values of maximum temperatures, low rainfall (500 mm / year) and high thermal amplitudes. The sunshine values exceed 3,000 hours / year. The insolation is very high particularly in the quarter before the harvest, contributing to the perfect maturation of the grapes and the quality of the wines.

This subregion covers parts of the municipalities of Moura and Serpa. Two wine production centers are mentioned: one, near Moura and another, with a lot of prestige, located near Pias, municipality of Serpa. It is located in the Lower Alentejo inland, on the border of the Guadiana, near the border with Spain.

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