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Sogrape Vinhos was born out of the will and daring of a group of friends who, in the difficult economic and political environment of 1942, decided to bet heavily on the talent of a visionary man to create and develop a different, innovative wine company capable of divulging and imposing Portuguese wines in international markets.

It was Fernando van Zeller Guedes' vision, character and personality that set the winning course for a project that many considered at the outset condemned to failure. The Sogrape founder's ability to see first and to see further led to the creation of the first Portuguese wine brand - Mateus Rosé - whose resounding commercial success in more than 120 countries served as a decisive impetus for growth and leadership affirmation which the Company rightly claims today.
Led today by the third generation of the founding family, Sogrape Vinhos has more and more faithfully fulfilled its goal since the first hour: to make known to the world the quality Portuguese wines, with a strong bet on brands of volume capable of satisfying the needs of the different market segments.

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