Lista de produtos da marca FTP - Vinhos

The Tavfer Group, headquartered in Carregal do Sal, today congregates dozens of companies in sectors as varied as tourism, real estate or metal-mechanics and is a market benchmark in automotive inspections.

In the 1990s, it began its approach to the wine market with a small production, almost handmade, based on the Tábua area in Quinta dos Picos do Couto.
The strategic paradigm shift occurred in 2005 with the purchase of Quinta do Serrado and Quinta do Mosteiro, in Penalva do Castelo.
Some time later, the company acquires Quinta das Braceiras and Quinta do Vale do Viso and later Quinta do Vale da Vila, all in the demarcated region of the Douro.
They are designing two new wineries to build from scratch.
One in Vila Nova de Foz Côa destined for Douro wines and another in the municipality of Tábua solely for sparkling wines.
Although this is an embryonic project, the quality of products is already beginning to bear fruit. The results achieved in the last national wine competitions are only a small recognition by the effort of the wines in making the brands "Quinta do Serrado", "Picos do Couto" and Doval, quality references.