Lista de produtos da marca Madre de Água

Every farm has a history. It began in 2007, with the couple Luís and Lurdes returning to their origins, through a sustained project that respects nature, man, arts and traditions.

The trips that they made with some regularity to the village of the mother of Lurdes - Vinhó, county of Gouveia, at the foot of the Serra da Estrela - precipitated the decision to acquire a property there. In the region there are breathtaking landscapes, authentic living pictures where valleys of fertile lands predominate.
The dream materialized with the acquisition of Quinta Madre de Água, with 16 hectares, where there were some constructions in granite stone, a portion of vineyard with 40 years, many olive trees, oak, chestnut, pine, cherry trees, rock formations of the era Glacier and many water wells. It will be this fifth to name the Madre de Agua project, in which the logo represents the image of the water crystals.